2017 to present



I won the 2020 Solutions Journalism Network's art contest to find a logo for their annual journalism summit. Initially, I created some pencil-and-paper sketches, then moved to Photoshop once I had narrowed it down. When coming up with the imagery, I was inspired by the location of the conference—the Wasatch Mountain Range in Utah. After my logo was selected, I worked with their team to finalize the logo based on their style guide.

I worked with a local artist (my mom!) to design a logo for her website. We wanted it to be colorful but still visually impactful and representative of her style of work.

I worked with a local photographer to develop a logo for her emerging photography business.

I designed this logo for a Maryland youth organization that empowers young voices in conversations about social justice.

I worked with a client to design a logo for his law firm that specializes in technology. I created multiple paper sketches that combined the ideas of tech and law, and we eventually decided on this illustration of an abstracted pen nib.

I designed a logo for a hypothetical online magazine that gives a platform to marginalized voices.

I designed a logo for a prospective Baltimore tech startup that provides secure cloud storage for users.

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